January 2023 Newsletter

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First of all, on behalf of the entire HairRight team, I'd like to start off by wishing you a very Happy New Year, full of health, happiness, and, of course, hair!

Secondly, I'd like to extend a HUGE THANKS to you all for all your support, especially over the last year.

2022 was an important year for us as we launched our website and in doing so, launched our brand in earnest. Without your valued support, we wouldn't be in the position we're now in as we eagerly anticipate the coming year.

2023 is set to be an exciting year for HairRight and you, our loyal customers.

We value your hard-earned cash and we've always prided ourselves on the high-quality science-backed ingredients we put into our formula that you won't find anywhere else. One of our core beliefs is that we wouldn't sell a product we wouldn't use ourselves, and we appreciate the decision you've made to use HairRight (who needs biotin gummies anyway?!).

The HairRight 2023 Roadmap

Aside from getting all your orders dispatched and keeping operations running, we've been busy behind the scenes planning for the incoming year, and in that we have four key goals.

1. New & Improved Products (Shh, don't tell anyone!)

We care about everyone's holistic health and HairRight is uniquely designed to be taken alongside a stack of other supplements that may or may not form part of your daily routine.

We've received a large volume of queries over the past several months from customers curious to find out what else we would recommend to support their overall health, which indirectly supports the health their hair. We have some exciting plans in this respect, we won't say anymore just yet, but we'll make sure you'll be the first to hear about it in the near future.

2. Hear from YOU more (We ALWAYS want to hear your feedback)

Your feedback is SUPER important to us. We can't stress this enough.

We currently have two main methods of collecting reviews:

Reviews can be left on our website (Leave a HairRight Review Here)
Reviews via Trustpilot as a valuable independent third party source that consumers can rely upon (Leave a Trustpilot Review Here)
We'd love to invite you to leave us any feedback you have on either platform, regarding our service and/or our product.

We will never spam your mailboxes, but we may reach out from time-to-time to ask you for your feedback. It helps us MASSIVELY and helps like-minded customers to find out about our product.

3. Reward YOU more (We know, it's about time...!)

Our developers are constantly working behind the scenes on our website HairRight.co.uk to keep improving functionality, ease-of-use, and to always keep us secure. One of our key aims has been to reward you where ever possible. That said, I'm excited to announce two new incentive schemes we're launching as of today:

REFER A FRIEND: Refer any friend to HairRight and they will get 15% off any order they purchase on the site and, as a thank you, we will take £5 off your next order.

Referral Link Available Here

VIDEO AND PHOTO REVIEW DISCOUNT: As I mentioned above, reviews are SUPER important to us and to other customers, and reviews with a picture or video are even more helpful. For any reviews left with a picture or video, we will give you a MASSIVE 20% discount off your next order.

Leave a HairRight Review Here

P.S: Subscribing customers, you don't need to to anything, the discount will be automatically applied to your next order.

4. Hear from US more (We're always doing the research so you don't have to)

We're constantly keeping up-to-date with the latest in hair loss and hair health related research. Our promise to you is to send out regular, valuable communications to you containing only the most relevant and interesting pieces we come across.

And if you find you don't want to receive those, we won't be offended, unsubscribing is as easy as hitting the ‘unsubscribe’ button at the bottom of any of our emails!

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Refer a Friend

15% off for them. £5 off for you. Simple.
Referral Link Available Here

If you've made it this far, we hope you've enjoyed hearing from us and learning a bit more about us and our future plans.

We'll be in touch again very soon!